27-09-2019 - Latest News

RAIZ receives visit of an international tree breeding organization

RAIZ receives visit of an international tree breeding organization
RAIZ - Forest and Paper Research Institute - received earlier this month a visit from Camcore, an international tree breeding organization, focused in maintaining broad genetic bases of the best-adapted and productive species for use in plantation forestry.

Camcore (Central America and Mexico Coniferous Resources Cooperative) is a non-profit organization with headquarters in North Carolina State University (Raleigh, NC, USA) that brings together companies and institutions interested in the conservation and genetic improvement of several forestry species with commercial interest. Members include companies from various countries in the Americas, Africa and Asia. Although mostly dedicated to pine species, this organization works with several other forest genus, notably Eucalyptus, Gmelina and Tectona (teak).

Taking advantage of their Annual Meeting in Portugal, more than 30 Camcore researchers and associates came to RAIZ, to know more about our Company's forestry and research activities. The visit ended with a guided tour of Quinta de S. Francisco, where they learned more about its history, the myths and truths about eucalyptus and the absolute need for ecologically and economically sustainable forests. The latter are values that our Company shares with Camcore.

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