Forest and Paper Research Institute

RAIZ - Forest and Paper Research Institute is a private non-profit organization, recognized as a Research and Technology Organization of the Portuguese Scientific and Technological System and as an Interface Center - Valorization and Technology Transfer Centre.

It aims to optimize, from a cost/benefit point of view, the competitive advantages of the national and The Navigator Company forest industry, ensuring its sustainability.

Its activities are developed in order to produce and transform knowledge into products, technology, and services in the forest, pulp, paper and forest-based biorefinery areas.

The Institute is funded mainly by The Navigator Company, other private entities, and by public, national and European funds.



To contribute to the competitiveness and sustainability of the eucalypt value chain, from forest to product:

  • Creating excelling knowledge;
  • Supplying specialized services and consulting;
  • Developing innovative solutions, boosting the new circular & bio economy;
  • Promoting the cooperation with universities and world class R&D centres;
  • Training highly qualified and motivated human resources.


Be recognized worldwide as a reference research centre, promoting sustainable development and the eucalypt forest-based bioeconomy.


Where we are

The Institute divides its operations between three research centers:

Quinta de São Francisco

Quinta de São Francisco, located nine kilometres from Aveiro city, has administrative buildings, bench laboratories, headquarter central services, with a covered area of 2600 m2. These spaces were renewed in 2017, currently contemplating new laboratories to support the tissue and the biorefinery areas.

Creative Science Park

Creative Science Park - Aveiro Region is a multi-polar space aimed to stimulate new business projects, or research that provides added value of services or products. RAIZ will be installed in PCI with two laboratories to develop projects in the area of biorefineries.

Herdade de Espirra

Research nurseries, hybridization parks, seed orchards and the biotechnology laboratory are at Herdade de Espirra in Pegões.

Research Team

RAIZ's team of researchers, technicians and scholars work closely with The Navigator Company’s operational (forest and industry) and corporate areas.

It is also involved in a vast network of national and international universities and R&D centres.

Researchers and technicians
I&D Research Fellows