25-09-2019 - Quinta de S. Francisco

Common buzzard rescued at Quinta de S. Francisco

Common buzzard rescued at Quinta de S. Francisco
Besides being the location of RAIZ - Forest and Paper Research Institute, Quinta de S. Francisco is a place of rare beauty and rich in biodiversity. Proof of this is the presence of over 400 species of flora and at least 62 species of birds identified here.

One of these birds is the common buzzard (Buteo buteo), a very common bird of prey, easy to watch at Quinta de S. Francisco. Unfortunately one of these resident specimens was found in poor condition and with partial loss of vision, it was unable to fly.

Birds of prey are known to have very sharp eyesight, being able to spot preys, several miles away. For these predatory birds binocular vision is not only important for viewing preys, it is also essential for accurately calculating branch distances that allow life in a three-dimensional environment, such as forests.

Nature and Environment Protection Service from GNR was promptly called, which captured and transported the bird to the Gaia Biological Park wildlife recovery center. Although not a threatened species, the capture of this bird and recovery efforts, makes it possible to contribute to the conservation of wild species. Quinta de S. Francisco represents for our company an invaluable natural, scientific and historical-cultural heritage and its conservation has guided the management strategy of this truly unique place.

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